Ethical Practices

Here at GEORGIA WOLFF we are well aware that the fashion industry craves a new direction, steering it towards a more sustainable future.  As a fashion house we have the responsibility to make a difference. By following strict slow fashion principles, these practices are carried with us from the beginning of the design process to the final product. We pride ourselves on our designs which transcend time and are made to the highest quality ensuring your garment will last and share your favourite memories.  Other slow fashion principles we embody focus on our team, only choosing to work with companies based in Australia that provide fair wages and working conditions. 

GEORGIA WOLFF garments are hand made in Australia by our small team of extremely talented women. Our fabrics are ethically sourced from small Australian businesses, choosing material which would otherwise be sent to landfill. Offcuts and left over fabric are always reused for new designs, where we repurpose them into features within the next season's collection. 

We are committed to developing our slow fashion goals to achieve a more sustainable foundation for GEORGIA WOLFF. Our intention is to motivate modern women to invest in garments they are proud to hang up in their wardrobe. To buy only what they love, knowing that their conscious purchases are taking action to improve and contribute to a healthier planet and humankind x